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An A10 Look Back...

A few weeks ago I stumbled into a three-year old email I sent one of my A-10 friends. I had forgotten all about it, but it seems now is the time to repost it. Three years ago in middle February we chose our All 10 Freshman Team, first through third:


Kellan Grady (DAV)

Eric Williams (DUQ)

Taylor Funk (SJU)

Jordan Davis (DAY)

Jalen Crutcher (DAY)


Terry Nolan (GW)

Grant Golden (UR)

Jacob Gilyard (UR)

Jordan Goodwin (SLU)

Carl Pierre (UMASS)


Sean Mobley (VCU)

Goanar Mar (GMU)

Fatts Russell (URI)

Ivan Raut (FOR)

Hasahn French (SLU)

Interestingly Kellan Grady and Jalen Crutcher made it to this year's first team All A10. Other four-year players to make both lists: Jordan Goodwin, Jacob Gilyard, Fatts Russell, and Grant Golden. The other three--Taylor Funk, Carl Pierre, and Hasahn French--had very good A-10 careers. Ivan Raut closes out the list.

I have no idea if 10 of the 15 players made it all four years is a good or bad thing. Maybe it's exactly as it should be.

I figured today, with the release of the All A10 teams, it would be a good time to look back at some of the kids who made an impression in their freshman seasons. Maybe I'll do it again--I still have three days to kill.

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